i got the gk smoothing treatment last november. but it's the one that has three levels of strength. my stylist applied the curly (mid-strength) formula on my hair.

let me tell you, i panicked after my first wash and there was absolutely no curl. i had to scrunch and scrunch and scrunch to get a little bit of wave going. after a few more washes, my curls started to return, albeit way looser than before. i hated it.

you're not supposed to use sulfates when you have this treatment in your hair. i wanted my curls back so i used a sulfate shampoo (paul mitchell's 3). curls still lifeless. but the more i shampooed, the tighter the curls became over time.

it's completely gone from my hair now (i think) but my curl pattern is still not as strong as it was before the keratin treatment.

permanently looser curls? yes.

dry and brittle? no.

i try to deep condition at least once a week with a protein-free deep conditioner.
3c-4b. probably.
medium/coarse texture.
(extremely)high density.
low porosity, normal elasticity.
co-wash: suave naturals daily clarifying condish with drops of rosemary oil.
detangling conditioner: tresemme naturals.
deep conditioner: curly kinks curlycue renew, b.a.s.k. cacao bark, honey/evoo.