Rouquinne -Thanks for your reply. Are you thinking of TRBL? I did read her thread, and it helped a bit.

What scares me is that the mole I have most resembles melanoma. It doesn't look at all like the other types of skin cancer.

Right now I'm hoping it is only precancerous if anything, or maybe stage 1. I do feel I have caught whatever it is pretty early, as it has not reached the size of a pencil eraser yet, and doesn't seem thick. I do have a tendency to think the worst, though, and this is really causing some bad anxiety. Is melanoma easily curable if caught early?

I have been on BC pills for the past few months, and I read that they can cause moles to appear/get darker. This doesn't quite calm me though, because even if they are changed by hormones, they can still be cancerous.

My appointment is tomorrow, and I'm hoping it will help. The health center here is not great according to most students, but the one time I went to the women's clinic, I found them very helpful.