I finally tried the yucca moisture mist.
Sprayed in wet hair upside down and follow up with smch milk and gel. Works wonders for my hair , I get great volume no frizz and stronger root curl ( I don't put any products close to my scalp except the mist), second day hair I use it on dry hair to smooth out the wonky curls, no more flat head.
Well I'm sold on it, I don't use the thickening shampoo often enough to notice a great volume increase overall except on the days I wash with it. As with all sm products I use small amounts, if I don't my hair will get greasy and producty.
It worked in dews over 65 last week and today with the dew of 18.
cg 01/10/13

Hair Properties: normal / high porosity, medium density, fine/medium texture
Climate : hot humid summer, coastal GA

Co-wash: Suave Naturals everlasting sunshine
Rinse out :Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture, GVP, Garnier Fructis Pure and Clean
Gel: Biosilk Rock Hard gel my HG
Mousse : HETT, 3 in 1

Love ACV , pedaheh's gelatin treatment
My hair hates flax seed gel, everything Deva curl and Curl Keeper,