I would be practicing under my legal name. I'm planning on changing it officially. Maybe I should have stated that because I wouldn't be switching socially. It's just that instead of First name, middle initial, last name, second last name, I would use first name, mid initial, second last name because that's different from my father. I don't plan on changing my last name either if I get married. My mother didn't either. I also don't worry about getting privilege from my dad. I'm proud to be his daughter. And he doesn't work in a law firm anyway, he does public interest law so it really doesn't matter either way, but no I don't worry about any privileges from him.
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That makes sense, except that if he does public interest law, he's not really going to be in a position to propose that you work with him is he? I mean, depending on where he works, he may be able to swing an interview for you if it's borderline, but not much else. I did public interest law. It's a pretty specific and hard to break into niche no matter who your parents are. You said you wanted a last name different from his "so people won't know we are related." I guess I don't really get why it is important for people to not know that? If anything, it's an advantage.
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Well he doesn't just do work in the court. I mean, he does help friends or whoever on the side when time allows. Just for some extra income here and there. Also, he always tells me how he would love to point people my way when he's too busy to help them But that's beside the point. I guess the name change would be usefull for any legal matters. For example, if he needs me to write a letter for him stating that I'm his attorney, or any other legal issues that may come up for either of us where we would need legal representation. He does that sort of thing for my mom all the time and it really makes things easier because people don't know they're married since she kept her last name. I hope this makes it clearer :-/ Sorry for all the confusion!
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Nope, I'm still confused. Maybe what you're calling public interest law is different than how I understand it? Public interest law is where you work for an agency or non-profit that serves the public as a whole, so you don't have individual clients unless they fit the mandate of that particular organization. ie. the lawyers for Amnesty International are public interest lawyers. Their clients aren't likely to get referred to your neighbourhood solicitor because their issues are very specialized. I'm also not getting why you would have to write a letter for him saying you're his attorney. You most likely would be conflicted out from being your father's attorney in most circumstances that would see him needing an attorney, especially if you work with him.
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