So last time I made homemade FSG I did 4 tbsp flax seed to 2 cups of water. Boiled, strained and it came out a tad runny. I liked it, but it wasn't enough like a gel, more like a serum. This time, well, I did it a bit differently. Same ratio of flax to water but I boiled it longer (at a lower temperature too) so that I could really see at least some gelly like matter on the spoon while I stirred. Then I strained, but I still thought it strained rather easily compared to what I was expecting. Nevertheless, I figured the gelly would thicken as it cooled. I also added a tsp of aloe vera gel and a tsp of Vitamin E oil to help preserve it. Then I stirred well and popped it in the fridge. I used the new batch today for the first time and oh boy is it viscous. It's not even a gelly, it's like a scene out of the movie "The Blob." I stick the spoon in and raise up and a lot of FSG comes up with it. It is pretty thick. Nevertheless, the pinch I did use today in my wet hair seems to be helping with definition a little more than the runny version did. (I use it after leave in, before my KCCC.)

So what's the ideal consistency of FSG? More runny? More thick? Did I underdo last time and overdo this time? Should I add anything else to it to thin it out or is it too late? Also, can I add anything to give it a nice smell? A, you know, more girly smell. Right now it kind of smells like an aloe leaf and not in a good way. Not that you can smell it after you've applied it to your hair but still. . .

Another question, how long does FSG last before you have to throw it out? I threw mine out just before 2 weeks last time. I hope the vitamin E and aloe will help preserve it but I'm not sure how much they help.

Also, the Vitamin E oil I used is from Trader Joe's and I noticed when looking at the back that the first ingredient listed is actually soybean oil, which irritates me. I guess I'll have to find a more pure version of Vitamin E oil from elsewhere. Maybe Whole Foods.
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