I've had moles that were larger than a pencil eraser, with uneven edges and darker on one side than the other, and still were not melanoma. It's important that you do get yours checked out, but there's a better chance that you're fine than that you're not, especially if melanoma doesn't run in your family, and, like rou said, the mole is not regularly exposed to the sun.
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This helped me. I'm really trying to remind myself not to think the worst right now, but that's just the way I always think. Thank you.

By the way, both my grandparents on my mom's side had skin cancer, though I am not sure what type. Neither of my parents, though.

Thinking of you fpmonkee. {{{fpmonkee}}}. I know how terrible anxiety can be but like Rou and C.19 said, there's an excellent chance that you are just fine.

You are being smart and getting it checked out early. All the facts are against it being mel.

Please post back as soon as you can. I will watch for updates. Sending e-vibes of strength and health to you.
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Thank you so much. I really do appreciate that. I will definitely update after my appointment tomorrow.