I'm not sure if you are looking for a low-product method, or if you are just commenting on this. I'm going to assume the former, in which case: have you tried the Tightly Curly method? (It's based on the book called "Curly Like Me" by Terri LaFlesh, but you don't need to buy the book to learn it.) Basically, you just define your curls with leave-in conditioner. That's it. Wash you hair as usual, add a heavy (rinse-out) condish, then rinse it out (surprise! lol), and then add a lighter leave-in condish. Here's where the method comes in: you pull the leave-in through each curl individually, defining your hair this way. It's a very minimal method, and doesn't leave your hair with any "producty" feeling. I've tried it few times it seems to work, although honestly I prefer also adding a jelly like KCCC. Hope this helps!
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I was more just making a comment, maybe that was kinda silly to do. Haha. But thanks, that sounds interesting!