I am the same way. I don't like using product 😒 but everyone is different. My hair routine is very simple.

I just wet my hair in the shower, co-wash with a clarifying conditioner, rinse it out, apply a more moisturizing conditioner as a leave in, detangle with my fingers, cup my hands with cold water and splash the top of my head, scrunch, and then air dry. I hate a crunchy feeling and product usually gives me that...so i prefer going without.

On the days that i don't wash my hair and if my curls need refreshing...I just wet my hair with a spray bottle and scrunch in conditioner 😊

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I am really loving my routine and my curls are very happy! 💜
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I do use a gel too, but I shower at night, so all the crunch is gone after I sleep in it. I just don't understand how people can use like 3 different gels, then this, that, and the other thing under the gel. Sometimes I use a cream too, but only for extra moisture. But I guess everyone is different!