Thanks, RCC. Granted my phone is always slightly batty, but something had been really off since last night.

SCG, is today the actual day of your birth?? If so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
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It is! Today is the big 2-1. Which is proving to be less exciting than everyone makes it sound.
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In that case, Happy! Happy! Birthday. You have to go out and make some fun.

I thought my 21st was going to be a bore until I went to a bar, became stranded due to my ride having a minor family emergency, and had to call another friend (that did not have a drivers license) to help find a ride. She borrowed a truck that (unknown to us) did not have working tail lights, and drove herself. We saw another (tipsy) friend walking down the road, picked him up and we were almost back to the apartment, when we were pulled over by an officer. He laughed hysterically while I slurred my tale of "I'm 21" woe, and gave us a ride back to the apartment BUT he wouldn't let me bring my beer in his car. I tried, several times. Keep in mind, turning 21 makes you spunky. It was okay though. We went on a sneak attack mission and got the truck ' beer a bit later.
Good times, and not boring at all.

I would not recommend attempting this at home, but I hope you find something to get into. You need a 21 tale
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??