And don't forget, after foot modeling, you promised to fix me a Vietnamese meal of some sort. I will send you off with a batch of Italian cookies in payment. : )
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first and foremost you must have nước mắm - its fish sauce for you uncultured Pennsylvanians. most Viet recipes require this ingredient its like liquid salt. and its pungent so ill be damned if im gonna carry this during my trip. plus you must be able to eat spicy food. if you cant handle hot stuff then you cant handle me
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I love hot stuff so that is no prob. Finding fish sauce will require a heads up before you get here so I can do some traveling to find it. I live in a small town with no Asian market of any sort. But I will find it!
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I'm sure it's down here somewhere. I hit the Japanese store for bento when I do laundry. They have 'other' Asian stuff, so I'll check.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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