Hi fellow Belgian Curlies!

I would be so happy to get to "know" other Belgian Curlies on this website and to know their routines and experiences and so on.
Maybe we could form a little group, perhaps even with a facebookpage?

First of all, introduce yourselves, your product use, routine, curl pattern, ...
I'll start:

Hi Curlies!
My name is Nele, I'm living in Flanders (near Mechelen ) and so my native language is Dutch/Flemish.
I'm a 21 year old (22 in April) Translation student Dutch-French-Spanish.

I've started to embrace my natural curls like... 10 days ago and before I straightened it a lot...

My curl pattern: probably 2b now, but with potential to get it to 2c and maybe even 3a when it's healthier (I would love to become somewhere between 2c and 3a).

I'm not yet CG, but consider myself modified CG right now (I already changed my routine to better products and especially less shampoo, but I've still got a lot of work to do). Oh... and I should also mention that my hair gets coloured every 6-8 weeks.

- shampoo (which I'm avoiding more and more): Professional Wella shampoo for coloured hair, bought at a hair dressers shop in Mechelen ==> contains sulfates and 1 silicon (dimethicone) and still other things I don't know
- conditioner: Professional Wella conditioner for coloured hair, bought in the same shop ==> contains dimethicone and other things I don't know
- when I go for a swim I change the shampoo and conditioner for Wella shampoo that is designed to protect my hair for chlorine
- oil: Professional Wella enrich elixir ==> I absolutely love this stuff, although I'm not really really fond of their conditioners and shampoos, but I looove the oil
- mousse: Tigi Bed Head foxy curls (hair dressers shop) or Wella Pro Max Hold mousse (bought at Wibra )

I do like plopping and I've never tried to diffuse, so I will try that later.

I would like to get to know better products and where to get them (and especially if they are CGfriendly products). The only thing from my products I don't want to give up is the oil.... since it's great... and battling the frizzzzz...

So: what is your routine/product use? And where do you get your products?

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