After that I add sm smoothie and plop. After the plop I add curls gel-es-c (CG friendly at target), then I add KCCC and diffuse.

My hair is awesome and better than ever, I've been CG for 4 months.
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Hey Houseofcurls! Do you find that adding the KCCC after you plop rather than before plopping gives you better results? I've just started using sm smoothie followed by KCCC and afterwards plopping, but my ends sometimes lost their hold- probably because the gel gets absorbed into the t-shirt. I think I might try plopping before adding the KCCC if it seems to work well for you!
CG since June 2012
2c/3a mix
High Density, Normal-High Porosity, Medium/Coarse Thickness
Cleansers: DevaCurl "No Poo", Suave Natural Conditioner
LI: One Condition, GVP Conditioning Balm
Stylers: SM Smoothie, DC Arcangel

{Looking for advice on what works well-products or tips/tricks- from similar curly girls!}

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