Bates and Anna are sweet, but there is always this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that there is more going on with him than he's letting on. Something sinister, but I hope I'm wrong!
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But he's so cute! I understand the sinister bit you're talking about when he went after his "wife" in season 2 when she came to the house and was taunting him. He's a big guy and I wouldn't pull his tail.

OT, but I must mention that he does seem to play a lot of the same type of characters in a lot of the movies he's been in (strictly incidental, me falling upon other movies he's been in, I promise! I ended up finding 2 other British drama's that have him in it) and he's supposedly this big burly guy people are afraid of, but he's a big softy, so maybe there isn't so much sinister if he remains true to form in character types.

ETA: He seems to play SOME of the same type of characters...apparently, he's in a lot more shows than I thought.

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