I don't know as far as specifically EWG rated but most of the more natural products are from small companies and are only available online. Off the top of my head: Spiral Solutions, Darcy's Botanicals, Botanical Spirits, Marie Dean, Donna Marie, Ingredients To Die For. Some of these are available on CurlMart. You might also check out your local health food store and then check ratings for whatever they carry. Aubrey Organics, Natures Gate & Alba Botanicals are likely, these are all also available from iHerb.com You can also get natural products from Etsy.com (Boticelli Botanicals for instance) but I doubt they'd be EWG rated since they are handmade.

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Lo-poo: DermOrganic low-poo
RO: SS Caitlin's co
Leave-in: SheScentIt Okra Repair condish
PT: SS Caitlin's + SS PT
Stylers: Volumax Mega Gel, Max Green Styling Gel, DermOrganics Spray Gel
Techniques: Plopping & Pixie Diffusing.
glycerin, honey, oils & butters Protein!

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