I think I'm going to have to admit defeat with my hair. The colour rescue has come out gold. Supposed to be ash/champagne.

Back to the toner then, salon colour and growing this shiz out
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I dont know if you seek advice, but:

I've seen brunettes go blonde. My hair will only go red. Or orange. Or gold. Its funny bc my natural hair color is very ash, but it pulls very warm with bleach. It doesn't matter if I spend hundreds of dollars at a salon or do it at home. I get the same results.

The lightest I can get my hair without bleaching first is a dark golden blonde. I get that with medium ash blonde dye. If I bleach it first I end up strawberry blonde, which actually warms up even redder over time and I quickly have ugly roots that I don't want to deal with - and I have to bleach it twice. Which I cannot do everytime I need touch ups. If youre going lighter and youre brunette, always use ash or natural bc its gonna come out golden anyway.

Color Oops or color remover will most likely turn your hair orange, bc it removes all color and you then put a desired color over it. In all cases choose a shade lighter than the one you want bc it will be darker.

Don't try to use the speedier time dyes. The hue will not come out the same. John Frieda dyes are WAY too dark. The color boost package in Natural Instincts will make your color more red. Feria fades quickly. Colorsilk isnt bad and its cheap, but the colors aren't as rich and shiny.

If you really are wanting to go lighter from brown, invest in 2 boxes of color. Your hair will only lighten to a certain level w/o bleaching though.

If you decide to go back to brown you may want a little darker color and def an ash tone.

I get to a point where my hair just wont take the color. I end up wasting money on boxes of color for nothing.

If you didn't actually need that information, sorry to bore you all with that.

Red tones are so hard to get rid of so I've grown to accept them. Brass Free by NI is good.

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