how long does it take flea bites to go away? this is sooo dumb I don't even know of I can go to work like this or will I contract some kind of zoonotic disease. omg.

They're on my face too. HOW DO FLEAS get on your face.

wtf is this. I don't have any new ones so I guess the fleas didn't follow me home.
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It depends on the person. Some have allergic reactions to bites and they can take longer to heal and some heal in no time. I have not had a bite in many years, but they always took awhile for me.

I have never had a flea bite on my face, though.

Get a doc to look at it.

** How many bites or bumps do you have? If it's a ton, you probably would have noticed fleas on you. That would be more like an infestation.
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I have like 20 on my arms and hands,

about 15 on my face and 10 on my neck and 3 on my feet. about 2 on my leg.

about 5 on my back.

Thats what I don't understand. I don't see fleas.

I haven't been around any animals.

I know what fleas look like on animals as I've removed them from my cat at home (I HAVEN'T BEEN HOME so don't even bring her into this)