Hi guys!

Have this weird phenomenon going on with my hair and am curious about your thoughts.

The very first time I went CG, my curls came out as a nice 2C.

I quickly got better at it especially at scrunching. And the overall condition of my hair improved. Hair was mostly a 3A now. Even days after washing it was still a nice 3A.

But these last few days I have noticed that it's gotten tighter... my curls! It's not there yet, but it's really hinting towards a 3B! I'm shocked/surprised.

It's not like I hate it or something. In fact, I don't know what to think of it yet :P

Anyone else experienced this? I know that curl pattern usually changes a bit shortly after starting CG, but I've been there already. Been CG for 6 months now.

Or could it be the weather or something?

I haven't changed products... except deep treatment.
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Hey girly
My hair is the same way...in some places:/ lol maybe this bc I need a cut lol ...but maybe ur curls changed bc maybe the new deep treatment your using.may I ask what it is?