Oh no!!! Don't boil it the 2nd time!!! Just heat! Sorry if I wasn't clear on that before!! :/

I have 2 FSG "recipes" - a simple and a complex. Lol! Both turn our pretty thick, tho.

I can't wait to try FSG on dry hair now!!
Originally Posted by Jas76
It's Okay Jas, but just out of curiosity...what you say thick, how thick do you mean? My usual way of making FSG, it comes out kinds like slightly thicker than CHS CK, but more mucous-like. This second attempt today was thicker initially but as soon as I mixed in the gelatin, it seemed to thin a little? That makes no sense. I would think it would have thickened it. Hmmmm...BUT i did try it (yes, I wet my hair down and applied it LOL) and got good results!
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