I don't know if you shop at Costco, but you can get a pack of 6 for a good price there, but you have to keep them in the fridge or they'll go bad quickly.

Raley's also carries them, I think it's right by the rotisserie chickens right when you go in the store (the one in RP). They're the Stonefire | Flatbread - Authentic Naan Recipe - Roti & Pita Recipes brand and their website has lots of great recipe suggestions.

I love them because I can put what I want on mine and Mr. Spring can get whatever he wants without me trying to keep toppings off his half. They're so great for a quick meal, all I had to do was chop the stuff and throw it on there and about 14ish minutes in the oven it was time to eat. It was really handy last night because we had craig's list people coming to see stuff and it was a little hectic time wise. I went to TJ's yesterday and bought a bunch of veggies and I used their bruschetta topping for the sauce. Good stuff.

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