Honeycurls are you sure that argan oil in a keratin treatment affect your hair the same way ?
Have you used any keratin brand wtih argan oil enhancement?

Because BKT formulas are completely different to any other conditioning or styling product, not to mention the raw argan oil

MY hair, for instance, according to cg but also from my experience, hates protein since it s VERY coarse and thick. However keratin treatments gave me the best hair I ve ever had despite their protein content

So I dont think it s the same when it comes to bkts
Originally Posted by Bruchilda
Thanks for trying to reassure me, but I'm not even going to try it. My hair hates oil in any form, at any time, under any circumstances. If there is oil in the solution, it's going to contact my hair, and therein lies the problem--doesn't matter what the solution is. I don't know how BKT solution is any different from other solutions in that aspect.

I'm not sure I buy the whole protein sensitivity thing--I know...another of my unpopular opinions. But, it simply doesn't make any sense to me chemically--what possibly could protein do to your hair--which is mostly protein anyway???? Perhaps it alters the position of the scales on the hair shaft. I haven't read about CG so, maybe that will clarify it for me.

Oil, on the other hand, affects my very fine and very porous hair shaft, which soaks it up like a dry sponge, resulting in hair strands that are gummy, limp, stringy--almost wet in feel and appearance. I can always tell when there is oil in something, even without prior knowledge of the oil content.

I think each of us has different expectations for our hairstyles, which is why we claim sensitivity to one product ingredient or another. For instance, I don't like the well-defined, big, thick, clumpy curls some women favor, so I wouldn't use a product or a method that promoted that result. I like a big, wild lion's mane of curls. At one time, I thought my hair was "sensitive" to something in Curlisto Structura Lotion because when I used it, my hair looked like %@#*, so I pushed my huge bottle to the back of the cabinet and left it there...then I tried it again a year later, and it makes my hair look amazing. I also love how hairspray makes my curls look, but I'm sure some others would be mortified by their perceived level of stiffness and "dryness" of my curls and because they may hate the look or feel, would say my hair is "sensitive" to <insert substance here>.

Just my humble opinion.
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