I have a natural horrible wave to my hair so have been straightening it for years. Stumbled upon the CG method which I tried for a few months this past summer. It totally worked - but almost too well. It was more work (or at least as much work) than straightening. And my hair got pretty curly.

Everyone has different opinions and I'm sure some would have loved it, but since my hair isn't that long, I felt it made me look older and like "mom hair". I hope you all know what I mean by that

I have gone back to straightening it again so stopped the CG method. I do feel that was great for my hair and would love to wear it more "naturally" (and would LOVE to find a shorter/easier way). Any tips to get more of a simple wave and not so much of a curl to my hair?

While using non-dry CG products, if I blow dry I end up with big poofy, wavy hair (not cute).

I can't remember all the CG products (can find out if you need to know) but followed all the basic steps - washing/rinsing upside down, plopping, blow drying upside down, etc.

Would love to hear your ideas! Thanks!