Jules, when I strain it I put it in a BPA free microwavable container. (Rubbermaid makes them. I purchased a set from Costco last summer. . . they may still sell them there.) That's the heavy duty plastic that won't melt even at high temperatures. Then I mix in the vitamin e and aloe or whatever you want to add (read: gelatin) while it's still pretty hot. I let it cool a little more out on the kitchen counter (maybe 5 minutes) and then I pop it in the fridge.

Also, the gelly I made now that my hair loves so much is like mucus meets jello, if you can imagine that. It's pretty thick. I think I'll try and make it a tad less thick next time to mimic KCCC's texture.

HoC: Wow, shrinkage! I want some of that. Well, I'm torn. I got a haircut last month and they lopped off about three inches so I miss my length, but then I'd forgo length for tighter curls. Too bad I'm protein sensitive. I think if I were to try the gelatin-FSG it'd have to be on a trial basis to see if doesn't flash dry my hair.

I found this by the way. So I am going to use the lavender and maybe get some rosemary or other essential oils for my next batch.

Do It Yourself: Homemade Natural Hair Gel with Flaxseeds - YouTube
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