Ooo, jasmine sounds nice. And yes gelatin is straight up protein. But you'll be mixing it with other things so maybe it'll work for you.

Jules, I didn't realize you were a total FSG pro! Grapefruit sounds delicious. Bergamot. . . not sure what this is. I'll have to look it up. Oh, orange! (Like the neroli.) Well, I like citrus scents. They're so clean and fresh.

Jas, didn't you say you make extra and pop the rest in the freezer? It doesn't change the consistency any? (Sometimes I put tofu in the freezer to change its consistency. Not that tofu has anything to do with FSG but they're both jiggly, aren't they?)

Oh, and here are my FSG curls today. They got a little messed up by the wind, laying my head back and just moving around in general but I wanted to show how FSG works just as well as KCCC. At least for me.
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