Kinda. It honestly looks like I have a texturizer, but I have like MAD new growth.

I think it may be how product is applied. I do tend to focus on my ends also. Then again I made an effort to apply my gel at the roots just to see what would happen. My hair was a BIT more defined, but still the ends curled nicer.

My hair is past my shoulders stretched, but you know shrinkage is a BEAST, so it still looks fairly short. I assume when my hair gets longer it will look... Different? I don't know. LoL!

Attachment 31770

See how the ends are nice and curled, but the roots are just meh. It's like that all over.

Attachment 31771

See that black line down my back in the mirror? THAT'S MY HAIR!! It's WAAAAY past my shoulders. But once it's all dried...

Attachment 31772

Back to neck length. LoL!!

Anyway, I think naturally curly hair is just weird. Beautiful, but weird.


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Have you ever used heat?
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