FSG pros, I have more questions!

1. Do you apply FSG to soaking wet hair, and how much do you squeeze out? How much is left in the hair? I have been applying it to wet hair, but for the sake of decreasing drying time, I do a lot of scrunching and squeezing out the moisture. Now, I end up squeezing a lot of "goo" out too. (The mucusy stuff slowly drips from between my fingers when I scrunch. I caught my boyfriend eyeing me suspiciously as I did this the other day, but he didn't comment, which made me laugh even more!) But anyway, am I ruining the effects of the FSG here by squeezing a bunch out?

2. How do you apply it, in general? Just scrunch? Do you rake it in? Do you smooth it in? I have been scrunching it in, but I'm debating whether this is the best way.

Dusa & Jules - your hair is absolutely gorgeous! So shiny and curly!
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