You are my hero CurlyLaura! I thought of you today as I walked really hard and fast (in a huge tunnel where I go back and forth when the weather outside is hopeless).

Hope your hair color disaster was fixed. What happened? I screwed up my hair color recently also.
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I turned it orange, then gold, then more gold and now it's a colour that exists in nature.

Considering what you've been through cp I think you get the hero status.

Edit: at the gym right now. I've had to resort to the women's fitness room because the men couldn't understand what I was doing in 'their' section. So I've just had to put up with men lifting so heavy they have crap form to the women lifting lighter than their handbag. Urgh! This town. Also everyone is obsessed with ab work. All the ab work in the world will not out train that beer belly.

Edit 2: do not do squats in Nike pants. Instant crack shot. I need new higher waisted pants.
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.

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