I'm a 3C, and I used to get pulled aside a lot by those flat iron salespeople. One time, I told the person I wasn't interested because I'm trying to take better care of my hair and grow it out, which means no heat. The person told me that these flat irons weren't harmful because of some material in it or something. Honestly, I wasn't buying it, and silently flipped my sh** on the way home because they straightened a piece of my hair. (I'd made it look really good that day and this messed up my style. Not even putting water from my water bottle on the straightened piece got it to go back to how it looked that day! ) Luckily, I don't get mobbed by those people anymore. I'm not gonna your model, dammit!
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Why did you let them straighten a piece of your hair? :O Just ignore them. Don't make eye contact and walk on by. Even if they call out to me I act like they don't exist
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