Hi Turq-curls. I hate to hear that. My order just arrived. My hair is all weird now as it is. I'll test it anyway. Not much is working now, but the low dews play havoc with my hair and skin this time of year anyway. I even splurged on that super expensive Wen 6/13 the other day, even though it doesn't seem to be particularly well regarded here. Got sucked into the sales pitch (sigh - I gotta stay away from the qvc channel, but home sick all week so I'm a captive audience).
2b/2c ( weather permitting - 3a), fine texture but lots of it, colored and highlights, BSL.
Experimenting w CG since Oct 2012

Current rotation:
cowash= TN
AG Gel Mousse, LA Gel,
DT = Coconut oil (love)