My name's Aimee (ah-me) and my hair hates me, I'm positive. I love my curls when they're wet, but when they dry, they're frizzy and annoying. My hair points in 72 directions and is an awkward length. When straight, it's just below my shoulders, when curly it's just above.(My picture is what my hair looks like if i put a curl creme in it wet and let it air dry, and manipulate it so it doesn't hang awkwardly in my face or in an ear muff fashion).

I have a mixture of tight and loose coils (looser in the front, tighter in the back) and boy does my hair tangle! It eats bobby pins and ponytail holders are not an option so I just don't know what to do. I wore my hair natural from buzz cut until chin length, then started with the flat iron (it'll be a year in june). I use a thermal protectant but i know i'm destroying my hair. I'm a senior in high school and I don't want to deal with my current, high maintenance routine (the straightening process in ~4-5 hours, my hair is THICK and I try to be as gentle as possible-no chemicals) anymore.

I need heeeelp. This site and curlynikki are my godsend lol. I'm going to try to go curly again my spring break (one month). Sorry for chatting your ear off, just wanted to get that out there. haha xD