have you ever had one of those days when you feel so amazing and you can't believe that it's happening to you?

yesterday was one of those days for me.

off i went to Toronto on Wednesday afternoon; me and my friend Leanne relaxing on the train. we both had busy and rough mornings with stuff at the office, so at lunch, i ran down to the liquor store closest to the office and bought some ruby red grapefruit vodka coolers. then i got some juice in opaque bottles. i put the coolers in the freezer at work and just before i left, i emptied the juice into a big water bottle at my desk and poured the cold coolers into the juice bottles. we sipped our "juice" on the train...

the 'out-of-town' group for our class (only 4 of us) were all staying in the same hotel. we went to the hotel restaurant for dinner and then back to Leanne's room to drink wine and talk. seriously, i think i will miss that part more than anything else.

the next morning, we dragged ourselves off to class early where they had breakfast and coffee for us. there were a couple of speeches from the director of the Centre for Leadership & Learning and the assistant deputy minister for learning & development. then the ADM handed out our certificates.

mes amies, when i went to go up for my certificate, my classmates all cheered for me! ME!!! i kid you not!

after everyone had their paperwork, we broke for coffee and the ADM said to me that i must be a very important lady in the class and the program coordinator said that i was their leader. LOL! it still sounds funny to say that about myself... but it was me!

that afternoon, 3 students were invited to talk about their experiences in the class, what we learned and what we will take forward with us. i was the last speaker.

it was like i was watching someone else; i spoke at a good pace (not too fast like i usually do when i'm nervous), related my stories back to a speech we heard that morning and our other classes, looked people in the eye around the room and - hopefully - related my lessons learned to what we actually learned!

i finished with the ABCs:

amaze yourself - we all have the capacity to be amazing
be bold & brave
challenge yourself

and when all else fails: eat chocolate!

my dearest friends, i got a standing ovation from my classmates. it brought me to tears.

i got a hug from everyone in the room before we all left, too. Heather said i would be all "hugged-out", and she was right. by the time i got home, i realized my shoulders were aching. i'm not sure if it was from hugging so many people who are taller than me, or the stress of the speech, or sitting on the train for 2 hours when i'm 5 foot 2 and the seats are made for someone 5 foot 7.

Leanne and i ran off to the train where we were 3rd in line. a woman behind us asked if we would look after her teenage daughter who was going to London to meet her aunt and uncle to drive to Florida today. we took her under our wing and sat in a group seat for 4 with her. but we let the poor girl know she didn't have to entertain us and Leanne and i turned to our books and her to her iPod and tablet.

when i was reading through my Twitter feed, i noticed that Commander Hadfield had tweeted a pic of the space centre at Cocoa Beach, which is where the young lady was headed today. i had to show it to her!

she gave us hugs when we deposited her with her family here in London.

and that was my amazing day.

my Boss asked me to tell him all about it when he came in today and we talked for an hour in his office while i re-hashed the program with him.

i am so very, very, very lucky - and i know it. my only wish is that the rest of you come to know this too.
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