Super late on this lol since I wrote this I did stop silicones & sulfates. The only thing in my staples that isn't all natural is my conditioner. I didn't stop silicone b.cthey're bad, my hair is cool with them. Its the sulfate to wash them out. I figured out my hair hates shampoo, even sulfate free. The ONLY shampoo I use is from a local all natural line called Mary's Mariposa (google it, its awesome) its the only tthing thay cleans my scalp & doesn't dry our ny hair at all. I'm gonna start using her conditioner to so everything in my regimen will be natural, and it really has helped my hair. I only use SMCES, Mary's Mariposa Raw Body Butter (the bomb! Better than any I've ever used [with vitamin A, C, E, silica, collagen, & pure essential oils] & it smells amazing), Aloe vera juice, oils (i.e. olive, coconut), & Mary's Mariposa Shampoo & conditioner. My hair is really happy now. Way happier.