Prelim Hit: Ology Moisturizing conditioner. Saw it on sale so I thought id finally try it, its CG friendly and has wheat protein (my hair has been liking lately).. its surprisingly RICH and creamy for a drugstore ro. Gonna test it some more but for now I like!

Sealing my ends with castor oil. My hair cannot really handle castor on the length, but on the ends it works great! When im done braiding or twisting & I get to the ends and theyre all frizzy, I finger coil it with castor and it smooths them out like a moisturizer would. Butters and other oils dont have the same effect, weird how these things work.

Bask Palm Tapioca for smoothing purposes only. Another one I dont like on the length so I tried this on my edges, bomb. It SLICKS all the frizzies and holds till it dries, then the hold softens up & just leaves the hair smooth. If I want actual hold for a style ill put a teeny bit of gel on top. GoodTG

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