I tried the Denman brush (D7 I think) based on a thread here. I have fine, med-low ( ???) porosity, medium thickness hair and I found pretty quickly that it was catching hairs between the plastic handle and the rubber base. It also wasn't really helping with clumping but that could be a technique thing. I then went looking for something like the Denman three-row comb which Sally's doesn't carry. They do have this version Tool Structure - Tool Structure 3 Row Stying Comb but the teeth were rough. After wandering around the store awhile I found this Fusion Group International - The Assistant Clip. It has 4or 5 rows of bendy teeth and is all one piece, so no pulling hair out. Also the rows of teeth or offset so it gets my hair super smooth. It's still not helping with clumping but that might be my hair type or (lack of) technique but it is amazing for detangling and working conditioner through. I don't have a ton of hair though, might not work for super-thick types. I imagine it would help with volume if used similarly to the Denman brush.
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