I will be joining Product junkie anonymous because of the following:
A walgreens run @ 1 am because I needed to dc my hair today and didnt have a "suitable condish"
then almost had a panic attack because they were moving the hair product aisle and it was mostly empty.
I also found out that the Walgreens Conditioning balm is discontinued
I did however, get a burts bees GUD condish for $3.79. lol I have issues

On the budget issue, hubby has now informed me that I have to conjoin my hair product spending and my fun money allowance :/... Which sucks because I was sneaking the hair products into the target/cvs toiletries run smh
Melie. 2c Coarse Porous(damaged) Learning to battle The FL humid weather, but I love it here!!!
Trying CG as of 7/8/11

I will try anything on my hair!

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