Thanks everyone for your responses! I decided to order the cleansing condish, pumpkin seed RO, cream-gel, curling jelly and the peach kernel hydrating milk. The last one I'm hoping to use as a leave-in, we'll see. I ruled out most of the ones described as heavy or that had waxes, I think.

I kind a want to try one of her sprays, has anyone used those? I've been using the SheScentIt vanilla leave-in with some protein added in and really like it but I don't like spraying things on my hair because they get on my skin and (sometimes) cause a rash. I put it in a squirt bottle and have been scrunching/smoothing it in instead, haven't decided if I will reorder........... Okay, that seems like it doesn't make sense but its easier to wash my hands than my shoulders, back, sides of face, etc for the spraying.

Will update when I've tried everything. I can't wait!!
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