I am pretty new to the process so I'm definitely just trying to figure out what my hair wants. I got the Devacut 2 1/2 weeks ago and I am really trying to commit to no more straightening to let the front pieces curl up more, I'm already seeing a difference. I did cave and straighten last weekend because I had a big public event and it just wasn't cooperating and it needed to look nice.

My current arsenal is in my sig, I'm playing around with all of it based on what my Deva stylist suggested and what I read here. Last few days I've gotten the best look with the following routine:
Condition and rinse upside down in the shower.
Cold rinse and rake in BLeave In
Scrunch in KCCC
Brush through with a Denman
Scrunch in a little BRHG
Plop 10-15 min
Some combo of airdry and Pixie Curl diffusing method- usually ends up heavier on the diffusing because I am just too impatient to wait hours on drying. SOTC

I am still not getting the BIG soft clumps I'm after. No matter what I do the curls still separate, especially at the ends into smaller defined curls and waves. I suspect this is still because of my diffusing, not sure what to do about that.
Curly work in progress
2C with some 3A if all the stars align
Low porosity, medium to low density and fine
No sulfates since 2009
CG since 2013

In my stash:
Shampoos and conditioners- Tresemme Naturals Low Poo, Tresemme Naturals Moisturizing Aloe, Suave Naturals Coconut
Leave Ins- Kinky Curly Knot Today
Stylers- KCCC, AG Recoil, KY Lubricant (yup), SM Curl Milk
Gels- Ecostyler, Biosilk RHG
Mousse- Devacurl Uplifting Foam, Suave Captivating Curls

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