So... I'm a newly curly, just started embracing my curls two weeks ago and started getting CG 2 days ago.
Yesterday I got my hair coloured, so yes, it is damaged (although it is not bleached, it is darker then my natural colour).
I'm a 2b (not healthy yet, so this will not be my definitive curl pattern), have medium-coarse hair, a medium to high density and shoulderlength hair.
I don't know if I'm low or high porosity.

My hair is... dry... really dry and frizzy.
Thursday I'm having an important day (I'm going to work as a subtitling assistant for a day and I would like to make a good first impression since I would love to work there later on) and next week on Friday I'm having what you would call "prom" at school.
So... my hair needs to look awesome this week on Thursday and next week on Friday...

What I was planning to do:
this week Wednesday: in order to get my hair less dry Honey-based Deep Conditioner Deep Conditioner -
next week thursday: Banana Smoothie Hair Masque Mask -
to get both proteins and "oils"

Would this be a good idea? or would it be "too much" taking into account that there's only a week and a day between the two?
What would you advise me, since I am a newly curly?