The previous post (by LoveIB) is absolutely right. It can be helpful to get some advice on these boards, but the truth is that no one can tell you whether and what proteins will (or will not) work for you, and no one can tell you how often to use (or not use) treatments. Some medium-coarse curlies say protein doesn't work for them, while others say that it works miracles! Some medium-coarse curlies use protein once a week, while others do once a month or less!

As I said before, the only way YOU can know if your hair will like a treatment is to try it! This is part of the fun of the curly learning process! And exactly the same thing applies to advice about how often you should do it. If your hair loves the protein smoothie, you'll know right away: your curls will be bouncier, better formed, and generally healthier. This means you should use it again if/when your hair starts looking overly soft or limp. Only YOU will know if the time is right. The same thing is true of deep moisturizing/deep conditioning treatments. YOU are the only one who can judge if a protein or moisturizing treatment is too much!

However, if you want more guidance than this (and I know I did when I was starting out! ), then here's a great site for info on the protein/moisture balance: The Fine Art of Protein and Moisture Balancing for Black Hair Care - Yahoo! Voices -

Good luck, and please do post back with an update, if you decide to try it! Hope this helps!
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