I think just as many women prefer softer/straighter hair as men. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many of us fighting our hair for years trying to get it to be something it's not. And even when we 'embrace' our 'natural' hair, we are all still on a quest to get the softest, smoothest hair possible. It's just natural. I don't think there are many people who wouldn't kill to wake up with silky, smooth hair- curly or not. My ideal hair actually has nothing to do with how curly it is or how straight it is, I just want it to be soft and frizz free.

I think men love to run their hands through women's hair. Heck, I love it when my boyfriend does that! Can't say I blame them for that. I think that's why there is a perception that they like straight hair. It's not that they don't like the curls- most guys wouldn't like heavily sprayed and styled and product heavy straight hair either.
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Yeah, sorry but I call BS on this too. First, credit where it's due: it is true that straight hair tends to be softer because sebum is more evenly distributed down each hair shaft (whereas curly hair is bent, and at times, grows out rather than down, so that these natural oils can't take advantage of gravity quite as much). BUT ...

"Soft" is not exclusive to straight hair AT ALL lol. Some of the most crisp, moisture-starved hair I've ever touched is straight. I'd say whether or not the hair is porose has a lot more to do with how soft or rough it is to the touch. And of course, the products/chemicals you use, and how you care for it. Throw those last two factors in and you have a whole lot of straighties with hair that's just not soft.

And preference for "frizz free" hair is clearly indoctrinated thinking. I mean, there is nothing inherently bad or wrong about frizz, and since frizz is indigenous to all sorts of hair (after taking away all the lotions and potions), it's clear that frizz is a natural condition of hair, depending on context. So I doubt anyone's distain for frizz is "natural".

One way we know this anti-curl BS is nothing but a historical trend in the US is by looking at US and European history (in which you'd think straight hair would have been most desired). In past centuries, curls, waves and curly wigs were all the rage. Men thought they were sexy too and I bet plenty of those men played w/those curls and waves. As recently as the 1980s in the US, you were considered sexiest with big, curly hair, and YES, Nicole Kidman did wear her hair curly back then, with pride. Women couldn't step away from the perm solution. Men played in women's hair, joyously. (Who could resist all those great curls?)

But I'm glad you found out what you like, for yourself

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