I have recently discovered True Polaris Truly Curly Styling girl (thank you Curlsnswirls). It is sold on etsy and it is an FSG gel. I ordered it just like her foolproof formula, but I had her leave out the protein, and I LOVE it!!!
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You people are killing me! {runs to google this product}

Two questions for those who have the Truly Curly gel: which scent did you choose, and does TruePolaris ever have sales?

Just curious, y'know
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I just bought this two weeks ago!!! I had tried to make my own FSG but just couldn't pull off the right texture (it was either too thick to strain or else too watery to count as "gel").

Anyway I gave up on my own failed experiments and I ordered from True Polaris after seeing it mentioned somewhere on these boards. I chose the Fairie Queen scent, and I love it. It's a full floral scent, but it dissipates within minutes, so it doesn't clash with other scented products, which is great. My hair loves protein so I didn't think to ask for anything special in terms of the formulation, BUT on a future order I would probably ask for it not to include any magnesium sulfate (I get dried out easily and I don't need the extra curl encouragement). I also wish the formula included aloe. I didn't realize they would customize your order; now that I know I will be making all kinds of wild demands! LOL

In any case, I really recommend it. The shipping speed was amazing, the scent was lovely (and I hate most scents), and the product was moisturizing and defining. I have no clue if they offer sales, but it couldn't hurt to ask, right? Or to ask for a sample?
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