I will definitely do the honey-olive oil treatment on wednesday, but am still doubting a bit to do the banana-milk-egg-honey-olive oil thingie next week thursday.
I'm a bit afraid of the proteins, although I could really use bouncier, better formed curls, because now I have really "good" curls, but they aren't really well formed ... they keep falling apart easily if you get what I mean.

I would really love my hair to be awesome this thursday and next week friday. I already figured out that the honey-oil thingie won't do damage for me.
I wonder: what is the worst thing that can happen if I use the banana smoothie just once and if it turns out that my hair doesn't like protein?
I don't want to have my have "ruined" for prom, but I don't want to "not do the banana mask" just because maybe it doesn't turn out great and then find out later that in fact it does work great for me ... if you get what I mean...

I should've embraced my curls like months earlier so I could've tested these things when it didn't really matter if my curls were awesome or not...

And do you know how coloured hair usually reacts to all these homemade things?
I already have the feeling that for my hair colour it would be better to avoid lemon juice, right?

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