I was wondering how you managed to cook steel cut oats in ten minutes! Even with the microwave I can't imagine they would have been tender and creamy enough.
And yeah, there's usually a bit of scum when you cook them.

You can buy those at any health food store.
Almond butter is just almonds and a push of a button on your food processor (or in my case the coffee grinder), though.
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Yeah, they were a bit chewy...but that's what the directions on the back said to do (if I chose not to do the stovetop method). But like I said above, to TNB, I haven't eaten oatmeal in about 30 years so I really don't know what I'm aiming at. Just trying to eat healthier.

When I make the instant Quaker Oats for my son, I sometimes put an egg white in it. And that makes that a little creamier.

But almond butter and a drizzle of cream sounds better.

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