Didn't mean to make it sound like I'm anti curl. I'm not! I love my curls! I am just saying that the most common thread I see on these boards and what every single persons know in real life wants is touchable hair. I was pointing out that maybe people have been trained to THINK that means straight but if you put soft straight hair next to soft curls, I don't think as many people would say they prefer straight.
Agreed that plenty of straight haired girls have damaged hard hair- that was my point when I said that its a soft feel that people generally like, it's not anti curl. I don't think you'll find any guy (or girl) who would choose straight but damaged and crispy hair over soft touchable curls.
I know everyone is not lucky enough to have this hair (I'm not!) but I don't think it's because we are all indoctrinated by the evil media. People are tactile and sensory. We (generally) want soft hair for the same reason we like soft sheets, fuzzy socks and soft tshirts. It feels better than wearing burlap.
It wast an attack on coarse haired curlies at all. The vast majority of us would prefer soft and touchable products to hard and crunchy.
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