My brother and SIL just when through all this with my niece. She was referred to a neurologist for behavior issues and he ordered an MRI and sleep deprived EEG after the first appointment. They didn't expect to find anything, but they wanted to rule out a few unlikely issues. As expected, they found nothing and could go forward with other types of treatment.

My daughter's issue is neurological but the effects are physical. Her doctor also ordered an MRI after the first appointment. Again, they didn't expect to find anything but they wanted to rule out some things.

If you have questions about the MRI or sedation, I can possibly help with those.
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Thank you. I'd like to hear more about the sedation experience. I hate the idea of putting him under for something my gut tells me isn't there.

We've more or less decided on not going forward with any ADD/ADHD evaluation until he is older.