It's full sedation, like for surgery. Some kids do fine with it, some wake up giggling, but a lot wake up screaming and that's what mine did. It didn't last long (felt like FOREVER) and she didn't remember it ten minutes after she finally stopped crying, but it was crazy traumatic for me. The doctors didn't warn me, the anesthesiologist didn't warn me, the nurses didn't say a thing. One of my friends had recently been through the same thing with her daughter and because no one told her that might happen, she was totally unprepared and had no idea what was going on. I am so thankful she thought to prepare me so when I hear someone's kid might be sedated, I try to say something ahead of time.

They let us stay with her almost until the very last minute, but we had to wait outside while she had the MRI. After a few minutes, we heard this horrible scream so I went to the door and told my husband if they didn't come out, I was going in. Someone came out and told us she was ok, sometimes this happens, and then they rolled her out. She hadn't yet opened her eyes but she was fighting and screaming. Her mouth was bloody from screaming and she had peed on herself. She later threw up on herself (from the force of the screaming) so take a change of clothes. We held her and talked to her for about twenty minutes before she settled down and opened her eyes. She ate some crackers and was like, what are we waiting for? Let's go to the mall!

We really had to have the MRI because her symptoms could have indicated a brain tumor. I was very relieved to get the results and still feel like it was necessary, but it was the suck.

Did they give you any indication that they were looking for something specific, or are they just kind of fishing because they're out of ideas?