BUT also, I have thought about it like this: there are millions of us with curly hair. Therefore, obviously some of our ancestors had curly hair – and obviously, they all had sex. So someone found all these curly haired people attractive enough for sex.
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LOL ... yes! "Our [original] ancestors" were African. That's where civilization started. And even when you look at many Italians and Spanish people today, their hair reflects North African (Moorish) ancestry. ... Not to mention Latinos"and Arabs, all of whom have admixtures that include African ancestry. ... As for being able to run fingers through hair, sure, that a legitimate, sensual experience. But there are also a lot of men and women who get off on playing with curls. their own and others. I can personally attest to that

I have nothing to back this up ... it's strictly speculation: I suspect one of the things that appeals to men about curly hair is that it is often - but not always - thicker than straight hair. I think thicker hair (and more of it) tends to be a sexual turn on for a lot of people. Maybe because thick and abundant hair suggests good health and good genes for potential offspring. But even then, I think some people won't care about that so much.

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