On the commercial break from The Bachelor, I put in the Queen Helene's Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream in my hair to let it sit. Next commercial break, I read the ingredients of a product I've used for a long time and notice that the fifth ingredient in this conditioner is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

Wait... what? I thought SLS was for shampoos, not conditioner? What gives??
3a/b fine, high porosity, medium density. Mod- CG

Sulfate-free Shampoo: SheaMoisture Curl and Shine shampoo with Epsom salts.
Co-wash: TRESemme Naturals,
Leave in: TN Radiant volume, KCKT, YTC pampering conditioner
Summer styler: LA Looks Spiked Gel(summer only)
Seal: Argan Oil/Macademia Oil
Winter styler: KCCC, AIF, Beyond the Zone Noodlehead curling creme(not CG)
DT: GVPCB, coconut oil
PT: GVP Hair Reconstructor
Embracing my curls.