Thanks for the tip, Moosh!
When mine surfaces on my face, it's ugly. I have redness, flaky, and oily but yet dry underneath skin. I've been using apple cider vinegar with the mother (pulp) mix with water and my skin feels better than anything else I've tried. I like Bragg's brand.

I put 1:1 ACV to non tap water in a spray bottle and spray a lot on my face. I also do my scalp before I shower. Let it soak for a long time.

I've read ACV has good anti fungal properties with seb derm is fungal so I thought I'd give it a try.

Just thought I'd share in case you're still searching for something to help.
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Can you use ACV without the mother? I have a new bottle but not sure if any stores nearby carry ACV with the pulp.

I'm very surprised and glad to see a post about facial SD; I've posted about several times in the past but no one else seemed to have the condition. I know others here have issues with scalp SD but never saw any posts from people who had it on their face.

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Sinistral, I have SD and have posted about it a few times. There's at least one other person who has it here too. I just can't recall who at the moment.

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