Spidey, Panera Bread (do you have one near you?) sells SC oats now. Maybe you could try them there first. Then if you decide to make them at home, you'll have a better idea of the taste and texture they should be.
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Panera...that place will be the destruction of me!

But now I am curious to try Panera's bc I made a pot of them last night and stuck my foot in it!

I toasted them in butter, added salt, added water, brought to a boil, simmered for 25 mins, added brown sugar and dried cranberries. Let sit overnight. Nuked with a lil more water and tiny bit of cream. Topped with flaxmeal and sliced almonds.

Really good! The texture reminds me of couscous. I see a lot of potential.

Now I gotta see if Panera's is better than mine!