So there is this guy at my job who always wants to build consensus and feel like he is making friends and influencing ppl. And he keeps pulling me (and others) into his stuff. I HATE this!

He's on the phone talking to the IT guy saying, "I have been having this problem all week. And I'm sure Spiderlashes is having it, too, since we use the same equipment."

No, asshat, I am not having the same problem or any problem and no, we don't use the same equipment!

Or in a mtg, "Spiderlashes, I'm sure you can relate to being one of the few married ppl with young kids in the office."

No, ****head, I can't relate. I haven't been married in four years, my marital status is no one here's business, nor is either of our marital statuses relevent to this conversation.

Or, "Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, Spiderlashes, but I think our current state administration has done more to help this situation than any other."

You're wrong!

I hate this crap! Keep my name outta your mouth!
I have been biting my tongue and ignoring these comments so far but I think I will openly disagree w/ him next time.

What's driving you crazy at work?